Prime Minister of Slovakia rushed the Cabinet of Ministers to purchase Sputnik V vaccine

PRAGUE, 22 Feb – RIA Novosti. Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovic hastened his Cabinet colleagues to purchase Sputnik V vaccine, noting that the Ministry of Health of the republic issues permits for many drugs not registered with the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and objections arose only on the issue of the Russian vaccine.

On Thursday, the Slovak Cabinet of Ministers could not decide on the purchase of the Sputnik V vaccine, since Deputy Prime Minister Veronika Remishova used her veto and blocked the issue. She argued her actions by the need to wait for the results of registration of the Russian vaccine in the EMA. The head of the Ministry of Health Marek Krajci can independently decide on the purchase of Sputnik V without registering with the EMA, but he decided to enlist the support of the government.

Matovic wondered on Facebook why the Slovak government does not allow its citizens to “freely decide whether they can trust a vaccine they consider safe in Hungary, San Marino, Dubai, Bahrain, etc.”

In his opinion, by the time Sputnik V is registered, EMA may find that all stocks of the Russian vaccine have been sold out by the end of the year, and then they will have to rely only on those vaccines that arrive in Slovakia with a great delay through the European Union. “It turns out that someone wants us to suffer with a lockdown and waste human lives for weeks and months,” stressed the Slovak prime minister.

On Friday, Matovic urged to abandon the geopolitical approach when choosing a vaccine manufacturer, and to think primarily about the health of fellow citizens. He noted that the head of the Ministry of Health of Slovakia can independently decide on the procurement of the Russian drug, but members of the government will once again try this weekend to make a joint decision on this.

Sputnik V was registered by the Russian Ministry of Health in August 2020, it was developed by the Gamaleya Research Center for Electrochemistry. This vaccine was the first in the world to prevent COVID-19. Sputnik V is built on the well-studied and proven platform of human adenoviral vectors. The scientific journal Lancet previously published the results of the third phase of clinical trials “Sputnik V”, confirming its high efficiency and safety.

Sputnik V is approved for use in more than 30 countries

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