Lukashenko thanks Russia for helping the economy of Belarus

SOCHI, 22 Feb – RIA Novosti. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko thanked Vladimir Putin for helping the republic's economy, saying that “the money has not been thrown away.”

“You should know that we have not thrown money away, we are investing in production, purchasing a huge amount of raw materials and components from Russia, and this volume is growing all the time. If we implement the projects that we have approved, then imports from the Russian Federation will increase significantly,” – noted the head of the republic during a meeting with the Russian leader in Sochi.

According to him, out of about $ 70 billion of Belarus' gross domestic product, at least half of the trade turnover is “tied” to Moscow. Putin, in turn, noted that Russia remains the largest trading partner for the neighboring republic.

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The presidents also discussed coronavirus vaccines. Lukashenko announced the development of a Belarusian drug based on Russian technologies. “The most effective vaccine is the Russian one. It is recognized all over the world, no matter how someone trolls it. This is the most effective vaccine,” the president of the republic said.

He stressed that without Russian support, it would be difficult for the authorities to organize vaccinations. Putin recalled that new consignments of Sputnik V will be delivered to Belarus in February and March.

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