In Egypt, an official assigned the names of her husband and his relatives to the streets of the city

CAIRO, 22 Feb – RIA Novosti. The governor of the Egyptian province of Qalyubia in the north of the country fired the director of the Kafr Shukr beautification department after she named several streets after her husband and his relatives, according to el-Watan newspaper. of numerous complaints from residents that in the new general plan of the city several streets were renamed in honor of her husband and his relatives. The case has been transferred to the administrative prosecutor's office for investigation and legal action if the facts are confirmed, “Governor Abdulhamid Khadjan said.

According to him, the actions of the official, who is designated in the newspaper as Mona M., are a gross violation of the law, since the decision on assigning names to the streets is made by the local people's council or special committee. Recently, streets in Egypt have been named exclusively in honor of public figures or military and police officers who died in the fight against terrorists.

The official herself, who named the streets after her husband, his brothers and father-in-law, denies the accusations and says that a resident of the city is taking revenge on her, who thus decided to become famous. We are talking about a certain Sami Gamal, who, after the “crisis with the names of the streets,” proposed to rename the city of Kafr-Shukr to “The City of Sami Gamal” following the same example. The citizen himself says that in this way he protested.

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