Forecasters have promised Muscovites a “baric saw”

MOSCOW, February 22 – RIA Novosti. “Baric saw” with a sharp drop in atmospheric pressure in Moscow is yet to come – in the next 24 hours the pressure will reach its peak, after which it will drop by 10 units on Wednesday, and by Saturday by 30, a leading employee of the Phobos weather center Alexander told RIA Novosti Sinenkov.

Earlier forecasters predicted a “baric saw” for the holiday weekend.

“Baric saw” – these are sharp fluctuations in pressure, but they have not yet been, the pressure was increasing all the time. The next day there will be an even higher pressure – 768 millimeters, which is 8 millimeters more than now. And 20 millimeters more than the average long-term values. But then, indeed, there will be a “saw”. On Wednesday, the pressure will drop sharply by about 10 units to 757-758, on Thursday to 748, another 10 millimeters, and on Saturday to 738, that is, it will drop by as much as 30 millimeters by Saturday, “Sinenkov said.

According to him, sharp fluctuations in temperature are also expected. “We expect positive temperatures on Thursday, as well as on Friday and Saturday. And only on Sunday it will get colder until minus 3, and on Monday again down to minus 15,” Sinenkov said.

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