Wilfand predicted “male” weather in European Russia on February 23

MOSCOW, February 21 – RIA Novosti. A cooling down to minus 15-17 degrees during the day and up to minus 33 degrees at night awaits residents of the center of the European part of Russia on February 23, but the sun will shine and there will be almost no wind, Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center, told RIA Novosti. “On Monday, pressure begins to grow and the snow is already quite light. The temperature will drop to -14-16 degrees in Moscow, to -23 degrees in the region, during the day it will be -11-13 degrees. The temperature will be below normal by 6-7 degrees … By February 23 it will get colder. Of course, the weather happens on 23 February and it is mild, with feminine features, but this time it will be really harsh, “said Wilfand.

He noted that such “male” weather will be typical for the entire center of the European part of Russia.

“At night -23-25 degrees in Moscow, in the city center about -20, and in the region up to -28 degrees, and in low places up to -33 degrees. It will be a really cold day. The temperature during the day is -15-17 degrees, the region is -19 degrees. But it will be little windy and sunny. The same weather will be in the center of European Russia, “Vilfand said.

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