The State Duma accused Clubhouse of spying on people with the help of special services

MOSCOW, February 21 RIA Novosti. The Clubhouse social network can control users, said Sergei Kalashnikov, first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy.

According to him, he never entered the application, but he is sure that the special services use it to spy on people.

“Of course, let people have no illusions, we already live in a completely transparent aquarium. Any person’s entry into the Network is recorded: with whom, who, about what,” the deputy said on the air of the Moscow Talking radio station.

Parliamentarian Vitaly Milonov agreed with him, noting that Russians have long been leaving their personal data in foreign app stores.

“Intelligence agencies in various countries, especially in the United States, already have limitless surveillance capabilities, since we use the American operating systems iOS and Google Android,” he explained.

Clubhouse is based on voice communication without the possibility of recording conversations and distribution. The app was launched in 2020, but it has only recently become popular. To join the social network, you need to receive an invitation from an already registered user. Earlier, Clubhouse twice blocked TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, and today Esquire editor-in-chief Sergei Minaev is also under “sanctions”.

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