The lawyer told how to return a money transfer made by mistake

MOSCOW, February 21 – RIA Novosti. Money transfers sent by mistake to the wrong addressee, including a budgetary organization, for example, to pay a fee or fee, can be returned upon application, Vadim Tkachenko, founder and lawyer of the vvCube consulting group, told the Prime agency. “Most often, there are cases when the details of the budget account are incorrectly specified, or when a person sends funds according to payment order templates, without going into details about the purpose of the payment or the amount to be sent,” the expert explained.

You can return the transfer out of court, but it happens that the addressee refuses to do it voluntarily.

If we are talking about a budgetary organization, the lawyer advises in such a situation to contact the Federal Treasury, which will consider the issue of refunding funds from the moment of receiving a request from a budgetary organization within three days.

“After approval from the treasury or accounting department and drawing up a payment order, the funds must be returned to the current account of the person who made a mistake with the transfer within three working days,” concluded Tkachenko.

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