The expert told which goods and services are better to pay by card

MOSCOW, February 21 – RIA Novosti. It is better for Russians to pay for some services and goods with a bank card, and not in cash, so that in the future it will be easier to get tax deductions for them: these are medicines, educational services for themselves and children, as well as medical services for all family members, the deputy head of the direction told RIA Novosti “Tax Policy” TsSR Dinara Ibragimova.

She recalled that the tax service is now preparing a simplified mechanism for obtaining social tax deductions: in order to receive money, Russians will not have to submit any documents, the tax authorities will do everything themselves based on the data of online cash registers. “The declared possibility of using these online cash registers to obtain tax deductions for Personal income tax makes it possible to extend the simplified procedure to social tax deductions, “Ibragimova said.

The most popular in this category are education deductions – you can get back some of the costs of educating yourself, your children, wards, brothers and sisters. The main thing is that the school that provides these services – for example, advanced training courses or a foreign language – has a license from an educational institution.

Deductions for treatment and the purchase of drugs are equally popular. They can also be obtained for paying for medical services and medicines not only for yourself, but also for spouses, parents, children and wards under the age of 18.

The maximum amount of aggregate expenses that qualify for deduction is 120 thousand rubles. That is, the taxpayer will be able to recover 13% of the tax on this amount – 15.6 thousand rubles.

“The application of this approach can be extended to past periods, so today you can pay attention to the method of payment: if you pay for transactions for which you can get tax deductions for personal income tax using bank cards, then in the future it will be much faster to declare a refund and more convenient, “said the expert.

Now, to receive these deductions, you need to fill out a declaration in the form of 3-NDFL, attach supporting documents (contracts, licenses, checks, etc.) and submit an application to the Federal Tax Service, you can electronically through the “personal account” on the Federal Tax Service website. With the launch of the simplified form, everything will become even easier: in the “personal account” the taxpayer will be able to see transactions that are paid by bank cards and select those for which a tax deduction can be obtained.

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