Mosquito infestation in Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES, 21 Feb – RIA Novosti. A frequent question that can now be heard on the streets of Buenos Aires is, oddly enough, “but do you have a repellent?” In the capital of Argentina there is an unprecedented number of mosquitoes, the appearance of which was a coincidence of a number of circumstances.

“It's almost impossible to be in the parks next to the river, they come in a swarm,” complains Buenos Aires resident Diego.

“I live in a skyscraper, on the 29th floor, it would seem, what kind of mosquitoes? But no – and they fly to me. Before going to bed I water myself from head to toe with repellent and only then go to bed, otherwise it is impossible to sleep. And the windows cannot be completely closed. – the heat is the same “, – Maria shares her experiences.

What happened?

The insect that harasses the residents of the capital is the most common, typical species of the Aedes Albifasciatus mosquito, but this year the weather conditions have developed such that their growth has been explosive, explains member of the Entomological Society of Argentina, scientist Maria Victoria Misieli.

“The condition for their appearance was a prolonged drought, and then heavy rains in the region, which flooded the depressions in the ground where the eggs are. All stages of the mosquito (egg, larva, pupa) are aquatic. What happened? At the same time, many rural areas were flooded, park areas in cities, including Buenos Aires, and it turned out that a large number of adults developed at the same time, “she told RIA Novosti.

In search of food, mosquitoes themselves or due to the winds flew into the city. However, the residents of Buenos Aires do not have to endure so long. “The number of insects has already begun to decline gradually, more than a week has passed since their appearance, and these mosquitoes do not live longer than a month, and they need to lay their eggs. They mainly prefer rural areas for this … Many are already leaving the city (to continue the race)” , – said the expert.

These mosquitoes are not carriers of dangerous diseases, but their bites can cause painful allergic reactions. However, regulating their number is not considered mandatory in Argentina – fumigation is costly and harmful to the environment, and mosquitoes themselves do not pose a threat to human health. So residents of Buenos Aires should always have a supply of repellents at home.

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