Hundreds of houses in Greece remain without light for six days after a snowfall

ATHENS, 21 Feb – RIA Novosti. Hundreds of homes in the Attica metropolitan area remain without power for six days after snowfall on Tuesday and Wednesday, Greek distribution operator HEDNO said.

The media and the opposition blame the Greek authorities for failing to cope with electricity supply problems.

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Snowfall in Athens on Tuesday and Wednesday was the strongest in 40 years. In the center of Athens it snowed for 24 hours, and in Attica – 36 hours, about 20-25 centimeters of snow fell. Wet snow broke branches and whole trees that tore wires.

The northern suburbs of Athens were mainly affected, 70 thousand households were left without electricity. Although snow melted in most of Attica on Wednesday, it still lies in the northern regions, just a few kilometers from the center of Athens.

Greek power engineers promised to restore power supply to all houses in Attica by Wednesday evening, but by Wednesday evening, 10 thousand people were without electricity. Work is progressing slowly. Over the past day, it was possible to restore power supply to about 300 houses, but about 400 more remain without electricity.

“After the damage to the medium voltage network has been repaired, the work of power teams in the low voltage network continues in the districts of Agios Stefanos, Drosia, Aniksi, Dionysos, Ekali and Kifissia. the work of specialists continues at a steady pace, “the message says.

Restoring power supply requires work on each power source separately, the company emphasizes. Heavy snowfalls have covered the United States, Europe and Asia. Many kilometers of traffic jams have formed in large cities. In the United States, about 15 million people were left without water due to broken water pipes.


There is no central heating in Greece, and without electricity it is impossible to start autonomous heating systems. “We sleep under three blankets, in clothes, and we are cold,” a resident of one of the houses left without light told the Greek public television ERT.

The temperature outside is above zero – about plus 14 degrees in the daytime, 2-4 degrees at night.

According to ERT, power engineers will have to cut and remove dozens of broken trees.

Unprecedented damage

The bad weather, which according to the national weather service was one of the worst in 40 years, affected about 100,000 families across the country, leaving them without electricity, the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy said.

The biggest power outage problems were in North Attica, in the north of Euboea, in the Sporades and in the Ioannina region.

According to HEDNO, in the northern suburbs of Athens during the cyclone “Medea”, breakdowns occurred in about 70 thousand households.

The vast majority of damage is caused by falling branches or entire trees on power lines. In Attica alone, about 1,500 trees fell, causing severe network problems.

In total, 250 kilometers of power transmission lines were damaged, more than 50 poles were broken, more than 40 medium voltage substations were seriously damaged.

In the regions of Central Greece and the Sporades Islands, 20,000 families throughout Medea have suffered from power problems. In the Ioannina region of northern Greece, 94 kilometers of network were damaged and nearly 2,500 homes were affected.

The distribution network and the electricity company have pledged to cut electricity bills for affected households. Electricity in February will cost 30% less, PPC said.


Opposition parties and the media have sharply criticized the authorities for failing to restore electricity after the cyclone.

“We pay for the most expensive electricity in Europe and we have the oldest network,” wrote

According to him, Greece is on the list of European countries where power outages occur most often.

The Greek Communist Party said that the current situation was a consequence of the policies of both the current ruling New Democracy party and the radical Left Coalition SYRIZA, which was in power for almost five years, under which the power distribution networks were privatized.

“While all the days the government and government officials have been assuring the readiness of the state machinery in the face of the snowfall that everyone was waiting for, it turned out that the only existing plan was“ we will stay at home. ”The terrible situation in Attica, where, due to twenty centimeters of snow and main roads remain closed, public transport is stopped, and whole areas have no electricity, reflecting huge deficiencies in civil protection, planning and infrastructure for the needs of the people, ”said the leader of the Greek Communist Party Dimitris Kutsumbas.

The government-backed newspaper Katimerini published a cartoon in the style of Soviet posters from the 1920s – Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis holding a cable against the backdrop of the Acropolis and high-voltage power lines. The inscription in Russian reads – “Electrification of Athens 2021”.

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