Esquire editor-in-chief Sergei Minaev blocked in Clubhouse

MOSCOW, February 21RIA Novosti. The editor-in-chief of the Esquire magazine, Sergei Minaev, was blocked on the Clubhouse social network, the journalist himself said in his telegram channel.

He clarified that the blocking occurred after participating in a discussion on the topic of feminism. “After asking questions, speaking out and leaving the room (voice chat. – Ed.), This morning I found myself banned in this beautiful network. Banned after collective snitching feminists, of course, “explained Minaev.

In his opinion, his opponents did not find any arguments in their favor and decided to go in for “collective gagging.”

Previously, Clubhouse twice blocked TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov. At the same time, according to the journalist, there were no violations on his part.

This social network is based on voice communication without the ability to record conversations and distribute. The app was launched in 2020, but it has only recently become popular. To join the Clubhouse, you need to receive an invitation from an already registered user.

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