Emergencies and accidents on ships in Russia in 2020-2021


On February 21, in the Barents Sea off the Rybachiy Peninsula, the main engine on the trawler Polaris, on board 10 people, failed, their condition is satisfactory. The vessel has auxiliary devices in operation, there is no threat to the life and health of the crew, communication with Polaris is stable, it is in a group of vessels fishing. The rescue ship SMB “Murmanryba” left for the scene to tow Polaris to the home port.

On January 14 in the Astrakhan region the motor ship “Composer Hasanov” ran aground on its way to Iran. The ship's crew consisted of 16 people. There was no damage to the hull of the vessel, there is no pollution of the water area. Interaction with the administration of the seaport “Astrakhan” was organized.

On January 5 in the Sea of Okhotsk the trawler “Heroes of Damansky” lost its speed, there was no danger for 60 sailors on board. The reason was the nets wound on the screw.


On December 28 in the Barents Sea near Novaya Zemlya, Arkhangelsk Region, the fishing vessel “Onega” was sunk . According to preliminary data , “Onega” sank due to icing. A rescue buoy was activated on the ship. There were 19 people on board. Two of them were rescued by colleagues from another ship, the victims are in satisfactory condition. Another 17 are reported missing. According to preliminary data from emergency services, they died.

On December 13, in one of the premises of the fishing vessel “Vega”, moored to the pier of the Murmansk shipyard, a fire broke out during welding. Onboard there were three crew members who were immediately evacuated. The arriving fire brigades managed to eliminate open combustion and localize the fire.

On October 24 , an explosion occurred in the Sea of Azov at the mouth of the Kerch Strait on the General Azi Aslanov tanker, heading for Rostov-on-Don. Three crew members were thrown overboard, another ten were picked up by the passing ship “Sirius”. The ship was empty, vapors of oil products exploded. The tanker with the damaged deck was initially towed to the anchorage to the Kuban coast, and then to the Kerch port of Crimea. When examining the tanker, the investigators found the remains, presumably, they belong to the missing crew members. On October 26, the search and rescue operation was terminated, as there was no hope of finding the sailors alive.

On October 17, in the waters of the Barents Sea near Vaida Bay, Pechenga District, Murmansk Region, a small vessel called “Yubileiny” hit the rocky soil of the coastline , capsized and sank. There were ten passengers and crew on board, seven of them were rescued.

On July 9, a fire broke out in the engine room on the Brompton San en route to a drilling platform off Sakhalin. The fire was extinguished, the ship independently went to the port of Korsakov in the south of Sakhalin, 42 passengers were transferred to the Katun ship, which brought them to the drilling platform. No harm done.

On July 8, it became known that during fishing in the water area of the Alekseev Bay of the Popov Island of Vladivostok, the Atlant-2 fishing vessel sank . On the afternoon of July 7, the captain of the motorboat reported that water entered the hold, after which communication with the vessel was lost. As a result of the search and rescue operation, four crew members were rescued.

On June 18, the Russian trawler Nord tral lost its speed in the eastern part of the Barents Sea. The rudder is jammed on the boat, but it could move. The tug delivered the stalled Nord tral, owned by the Murmansk company SPK “Belomorskiy Rybak RK”, for repairs to the Norwegian Kirkenes. The crew was not injured.

On June 16, the Golden Rose dry cargo ship, en route from the seaport of Astrakhan to the port of Amirabad (Republic of Iran) with grain, ran aground in the Astrakhan region. The dry cargo ship received no holes, no oil spills occurred. The Golden Rose, owned by the Omsk Shipping company, blocked the Volga-Caspian shipping channel, and 28 ships were awaiting passage. On June 17, the Golden Rose dry cargo ship was floated.

On June 14, in the water area of Avacha Bay in Kamchatka, the “Tikhy” boat capsized , four crew members disappeared. The boat, which was supposed to deliver cargo to another vessel, was found about 40 kilometers from the coast. On July 21, an active search for men from the capsized boat was stopped .

On March 24, in the Sea of Okhotsk, west of Kamchatka, a fire broke out on board the Vostok 2 fishing vessel, and there were 23 people on board. The hearth was quickly extinguished, no one was hurt, there was no open flame.

On January 27, a fire broke out in the dry hold on the ship “Saint Innocent”, which was being repaired in Arkhangelsk . The fire was extinguished, the area of the fire was 66 square meters.

On January 21, a fire broke out on the Enigma Astralis fishing trawler in the Sea of Okhotsk near Magadan. The crew of 47 people was evacuated. The Sibirskiy icebreaker set out to extinguish the fire on the trawler carrying more than 250 tons of fuel, but the open flame posed a threat of explosion. On January 27, it became known that contact with the trawler had been lost during a storm. 11 ships came out in search of him. On January 28, it became known that the trawler had sunk.

The material was prepared on the basis of information from RIA Novosti and open sources

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