Bill Gates Explains Texas Energy Collapse

MOSCOW, February 21 – RIA Novosti. The loss of life in Texas due to power outages could have been prevented, according to CNN, Microsoft creator Bill Gates said .

The billionaire responded to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's assertion that wind turbines were freezing to blame for the massive power outage. According to Gates, the problem was natural gas power plants. “It’s not because of the dependence on renewable (energy sources) … These are natural gas power plants that were not weather resistant. They could be. It costs money. and a compromise solution was made, but it did not work, and tragically, it led to the death of people, “- said Gates.

Unusually cold and snowy weather swept through several regions of the United States, with at least 58 casualties. Texas was among the hardest hit states. According to the portal, 261.9 thousand people are left without electricity in the country.

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