The prosecutor's office initiated the resignation of the head of the Amur Zeya due to corruption

BLAGOVESCHENSK, 20 Feb – RIA Novosti. The prosecutor's office initiated the dismissal of the head of the city of Zeya in the Amur region, Sergei Gibadullin, due to corruption, the regional supervisory agency reports.

The Zeyskiy District Prosecutor's Office carried out an audit of the implementation of the anti-corruption legislation.

“It has been established that in violation of the Federal Law” On Combating Corruption “the head of the city of Zeya provided a land plot for free use to his close relative, did not exclude his participation in the provision of the land plot and did not take measures to prevent a conflict of interest,” the statement says.

It is noted that the official, in the event of personal interests when granting a plot, had to take measures to avoid a conflict of interest. And “if these measures are not taken, the uncontested consequence for the head of the municipality is dismissal.”

Dmitry Tretyakov, Acting Prosecutor of the Zeysky District, explained the requirements of anti-corruption legislation at a meeting of the City Council of People's Deputies.

“By a majority of votes, the deputies of the Zeysk city council supported the position of the prosecutor's office and decided to start the procedure for dismissal due to the loss of confidence in the head of the city of Zeya,” the message says.

It is specified that the contract for the free use of the land plot with Gibadullin's relative has been terminated.

As RIA Novosti was told in the reception office of the mayor's administration, Gibadullin is on sick leave.

“The head of the city has been on sick leave since the beginning of February,” the official's office told the agency.

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