The expert listed the goods that cannot be borrowed

MOSCOW, February 20 – RIA Novosti. The purchase of a product or service should be viewed not through the prism of benefits, but from the point of view of economic feasibility – whether payments will make a hole in your personal budget, Dmitry Ferapontov, senior lecturer at the Department of Banking at Synergy University, told the Prime agency.

It is better to refuse a loan altogether, which will damage your financial condition and force you to “squeeze” spending to a minimum. You should not borrow a car for 5 million rubles with a monthly payment of 40 thousand rubles, if the salary does not exceed 60. “After all, it turns out that only 20 thousand rubles will remain for the rest of the expenses – food, utility bills, personal expenses. the fact that a newly acquired car requires spending: gasoline, washing and other expenses, “the expert notes.

When making a decision, it is worth starting from the key “pillars” of the loan – repayment, urgency and payment. You cannot take out a loan for the last money, especially when it comes to expensive equipment, costly repairs or premium goods.

The same goes for credit cards: the monthly payment shouldn't hit your budget. In general, you need to live within your means, as well as use loans, then this financial product will benefit you, concluded Ferapontov.

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