The doctor urged Russians to “wash down” stress

MOSCOW, February 20 – RIA Novosti. Stressful situations cannot be seized even with healthy food. Instead, you need to wash them down with water or relieve emotional stress with physical activity, endocrinologist, candidate of medical sciences Zukhra Pavlova told radio Sputnik.

“Stressing in stress” is a common mistake that many people make. This reaction leads to eating disorders, even if you try to compensate for the stressful situation with healthy food, the doctor said. “The very fact of galling stimulates to eat. Even if today you eat stress with healthy food, tomorrow you may not have it at hand, and you will go for a hamburger or something like that,” Pavlova said.

According to her, stress should not be “seized”, but “washed down”. Plain water can be a simple and effective alternative to any meal.

“When we drink stress, we break the logical chain, when the brain in a stressful situation stimulates the adrenal glands to produce the stress hormone, that is, cortisol. When we drink water, this connection stops, and hormones are not produced,” Pavlova explained.

You can also resort to exercise, which serves as a natural defense against stress, the doctor said.

“Why, when a person is nervous, he starts to walk? This is such a defensive reaction, but it can be stimulated deliberately. If you do something physically, then stress is reduced,” advised Pavlova. Truth of the body “Truth of the body.” Water: when, how and how much to drink it February 17, 12:00

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