The Central Bank predicted the top fraud of 2021

MOSCOW, February 20 – RIA Novosti. The most popular fraud in 2021 may be tourist fraud, Artyom Sychev, First Deputy Director of the Information Security Department of the Central Bank, told Sputnik radio.

After the resumption of international flights, which were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, we should expect a gradual recovery in the flow of tourists, and with this the activation of scammers, Sychev said. He explained that in order to get hold of the bank card data of tourists, attackers can even create fake airline websites and offer tickets at a very favorable price through them. “Air ticket fraud can become very popular, while it is not a top fraud, but it can become one. Growth depends on the popularity of a particular destination and the time of its opening. This can happen in summer or autumn,” Sychev said.

According to him, tourist destinations, which are actively advertised, are always attracted by scammers. So too cheap tickets to popular resorts and “exclusive” flights is a reason to be vigilant. It is not difficult to unravel the plans of attackers, they always work according to the same scheme.

“They play on making the consumer feel the attractiveness of services at a minimal cost. Similarly, it happens here when they offer“ good prices ”and“ good flights. ”When a situation arises with obviously cheap tickets or with flights that are not confirmed anywhere on other sites, then this is one of the indicators that scammers are working against you, “Sychev clarified.

At the same time, the first deputy director of the information security department of the Central Bank emphasized that the main goal of the scammers is to take possession of the data of your payment instruments.

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