Rescuers flew to Chukotka village left without heating

VLADIVOSTOK, February 20 – RIA Novosti. A group of rescuers flew to the village of Nunligran in Chukotka to help eliminate the accident that left the village without heating, according to the regional department of industrial policy.

The village of Nunligran on Thursday was left without heat supply due to an accident on the main network, an emergency regime was introduced there. Almost all residential buildings, where over 200 people live, were left without heat. 142 people were evacuated to neighboring villages, they are placed with relatives, acquaintances and in municipal premises. Among other things, children were taken out of the local boarding school. On Friday, the village was visited by the governor Roman Kopin, he instructed to provide material assistance to each family of Nunligran. On the same day, a leak in the system was eliminated, houses began to be connected to heat supply.

“For an early repair, a group of six people from the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations flew to carry out emergency rescue operations and organize the work of the priority life support of the population,” the message says.

In addition, an airplane with a cargo for Nunligran flew to Provideniya village today. On board there are heat guns, tents, plastic pipes with the necessary set of adapters and taps to accommodate those wishing to travel to Provideniya – everything you need for accommodation, as well as 60 kilograms of medicines for the area, thermoses and other cargo.

Now in Nunligran about 23 degrees below zero.

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