NetBlocks Announces Blocking Wikipedia in Myanmar in All Languages

MOSCOW, February 20 – RIA Novosti. Access to the Internet encyclopedia “Wikipedia” in all languages is blocked in Myanmar, according to the organization NetBlocks, which analyzes the work of the Internet.

“Myanmar has blocked all language versions of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia under the internet censorship regime established by the military junta after the coup,” NetBlocks said on Twitter.

Later, the service reported that in Myanmar, for the sixth night in a row, the Internet was almost completely disconnected. According to the organization, internet access has dropped to 13% from normal.

The military came to power in Myanmar on February 1, arresting leaders of the government and the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) party. On the same day, the military authorities announced their commitment to a multi-party democratic system and promised to hold elections after the end of the state of emergency that they had imposed in the country for one year. They accused the country's electoral commission and the NLD of massive falsification of voter lists in the elections on November 8, 2020, which, according to the military, contributed to the overstatement of the results of the ruling party, which received an absolute majority of seats in parliament as a result of the elections. Massive protests against the coming of the military to power and a campaign of civil disobedience to the new authorities have continued in Myanmar since the first days of February, with residents of Myanmar protesting against the military coup staged a rally outside the Russian embassy. In Myanmar, massive street protests continue, demanding the military return power to a democratically elected government and immediately release the arrested leaders.

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