Bitcoin price has renewed its all-time high

MOSCOW, February 20 – RIA Novosti. Bitcoin broke another record – the price of the cryptocurrency at the auctions rose above 57 thousand dollars.

On the Binance exchange, as of 15:18 Moscow time, it grew by 8.11 percent per day – up to 56.91 thousand dollars. In turn, according to the CoinMarketCap portal, which calculates the average price for more than 20 exchanges, the cryptocurrency has risen in price by 8.07 percent, to 56.96 thousand dollars.

A few minutes before that, the cost of bitcoin rose above 57 thousand dollars. The maximum price was on Binance – 57.076 thousand dollars.

On the eve, bitcoin updated several historical records at once, rising to the level of 56 thousand dollars.

The sharp rise in the cryptocurrency began in December, when in the middle of the month its price exceeded the all-time high of $ 20,042, held since 2017.

After a short pause, the cryptocurrency began to rise in price again on February 8 after Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, announced a $ 1.5 billion investment in bitcoin. From that moment on, the exchange rate broke the January record of $ 41,950 and has been growing continuously since then. So, only on February 16, the price of bitcoin for the first time in history reached $ 50 thousand.

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