Abramchenko harshly criticized the projects of incineration plants

MOSCOW, February 19 – RIA Novosti. Waste incineration plants are too expensive and the energy obtained in this way will be “golden”, so until the government supports the construction of dozens of incinerators in Russia, Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko said on her Instagram.

“While we are talking about a project of more than a dozen” platinum “waste incineration plants, which are actually proposed to be paid from the federal budget and from the tariff for the population (for electricity or garbage disposal). This will not work. Why do we need expensive electricity and gold waste? Alexander Valentinovich (Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Novak – ed.), Following the meeting, instructed the departments, together with the Ministry of Finance, to analyze in detail the financial model of a new investment project for the construction of factories and submit a report to the government. The FAS will also join this work. – definitely not supported “, – wrote Abramchenko.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that the environmental friendliness of waste incineration raises many questions.

“For example, today at the meeting, colleagues spoke about a significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions, which will subsequently have a negative impact, including on the economic state of the industries,” Abramchenko said.

She noted that the government insists on creating a cyclical system in the economy that will not lead to waste generation.

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