The lawyer explained how to get around the tricks of the banks if you have a mortgage

MOSCOW, February 19 – RIA Novosti. Banks often resort to cunning manipulations when they want to impose their products, especially when it comes to a large loan. At a minimum, they need to sell insurance, which can be quite expensive. There is a risk that you will be denied refinancing your mortgage, Alexei Petropolsky, CEO of Urvista law firm, told the Prime agency.

“Quite often banks offer their own insurance company, which may turn out to be 1.5-2, and sometimes 3 times more expensive than a third-party. If you try to refuse the imposed insurance, they will tell you that your interest will increase, and possibly , they will refuse the loan itself “, – the lawyer gave an example.

Of course, we are only talking about an attempt to manipulate, because according to the law, the choice of an insurance company should not affect the cost of the mortgage, the percentage and the approval of the transaction itself.

According to the expert, there is another common situation when a bank manager tries to convince you that an apartment with a mortgage debt cannot be sold. But banks have no right to refuse a sale if you find money. Thus, you will close this mortgage, the encumbrance will be removed and the right will pass to a third party, concluded Petropolsky.

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