The court arrested the accused of killing a child in Chita

KRASNOYARSK, 19 Feb – RIA Novosti. The court arrested until April 16 the accused of the murder of a girl in Chita, Yegor Markov, an official representative of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Trans-Baikal Territory, told RIA Novosti.

Law enforcers on Wednesday detained a local resident born in 1988 in Chita, suspected of killing a nine-year-old girl. Investigators believe he shot the child with an unidentified firearm. The UK opened a criminal case under the article on the murder of a minor. The regional prosecutor's office reported that the child was killed by a shot in the door after a quarrel between neighbors on the landing. On Friday, investigators went to court to arrest the man. Investigators are also studying the video of the girl, which, according to media and Telegram channels, was recorded by her shortly before the murder. “The Chita Railway Court granted the investigator's petition to elect the accused as a preventive measure in the form of detention. He was arrested in the courtroom and taken to a pre-trial detention center, “- said the interlocutor of the agency.

Earlier, a video appeared on social networks and Telegram channels, in which the girl says that a drunk and inadequate neighbor is knocking on the door of her apartment. She says that she is scared, and dad went to the store. Beats are heard off-screen. It is reported that the video was filmed 15 minutes before the tragedy and posted on the TikTok social network.

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