Rosfinmonitoring spoke about the scheme of cashing out through fictitious salaries

MOSCOW, 18 Feb – RIA Novosti. The organizers of shadow schemes for illegal cashing out of money through Russian banks are constantly testing new schemes, as one of them is implemented through fictitious payments of salaries to non-existent employees, said Galina Bobrysheva, Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring of the Russian Federation.

On Thursday, the Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Dmitry Skobelkin, at a meeting with the Central Bank organized by the Association of Russian Banks, said that the volume of illegal cashing out of money through Russian banks decreased in 2020 by 29.1% – to 78 billion rubles.

In turn, Bobrysheva said that the organizers of illegal cashing out of money are constantly looking for ways to bypass measures that prevent their criminal activities.

“Another example of bypassing the compliance procedure is the so-called payroll projects implemented through credit institutions in which legal entities do not have bank accounts,” she said.

“In these cases, banks also cannot assess the real operational activity of such clients at an early stage, and the schemes are used for banal cash out through fictitious salary payments to non-existent employees,” Bobrysheva said.

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