Regions-winners of the “Russia – Land of Opportunities” blog tour announced

MOSCOW, 18 Feb – RIA Novosti. The winners of the competition among the regions for the right to hold a blog tour within the framework of the TOPBLOG project of the presidential platform Russia – the Land of Opportunities were Magadan and Chelyabinsk regions, Kamchatka Territory, the Komi Republic and the Republic of Karelia; winners of the project and bloggers with a million audience will go to each of the regions, who will tell about local attractions in social networks, the press service of the ANO RSV reports. “The winning regions were selected in three categories. The Chelyabinsk Region won with a population of 1 million and more “, the Republic of Komi and the Republic of Karelia scored the highest number of points among territories with a population of 500 thousand to 1 million. And Magadan Region and Kamchatka Territory won in the nomination” Subjects of the Russian Federation with a population of up to 500 thousand “, – cited in the press service the explanations of the general director of the ANO “Russia – a country of opportunities” Alexei Komissarov.

According to him, the winners were selected by an expert council, which included bloggers, representatives of the partners of the TopBLOG project, finalists of the Masters of Hospitality competition and specialized experts. The Council evaluated the proposed tourist routes and, in general, the travel concepts.

“As part of the blog tour, mentors and winners of the competition will hold thematic meetings, autograph sessions and master classes for residents of the winning regions. In addition, they will visit the attractions that were proposed in the competitive applications, go on excursions to the main sports facilities of the regions, they will communicate with local artists, athletes, representatives of indigenous peoples, “Komissarov added.

Bloggers will shoot films about the most interesting events, national traditions and everyday life, about natural and architectural monuments at each point of the blog tour. The main task of the films is to draw the attention of Russians to the local beauties, to show unobvious tourist routes.

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