Lavrov finds conditions for lifting sanctions on Nord Stream 2 humiliating

MOSCOW, February 19 – RIA Novosti. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the proposals humiliating for Germany that the sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 project could be lifted, provided that the volumes of gas transit through Ukraine are preserved.

“Now they are writing openly that there is a bargaining going on and discussing the possibility of agreements between Washington and Berlin, according to which Nord Stream 2, okay, God bless you, let it be completed, let it function, but if suddenly gas transit through Ukraine suddenly decreases, then Nord Stream 2 will be closed. I cannot decide for Germany, but the fact that this is a humiliating proposal is obvious to me, “Lavrov said in an interview with RBK TV channel.

“As the President of the Russian Federation Putin said at a meeting with the leaders of the Duma factions, this is yet another confirmation that they want to financially support their geopolitical project called Ukraine at the expense of Russia,” the minister added.

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