Investigative Committee will challenge the refusal to arrest the driver who hit the woman in Novosibirsk

MOSCOW, 18 Feb – RIA Novosti. Novosibirsk investigators, on behalf of the head of the RF IC, Alexander Bastrykin, will initiate an appeal against the court decision refusing to arrest the driver who knocked down a woman with a child in a wheelchair, according to the website of the RF IC.

As previously reported, on the afternoon of February 15, a driver born in 1972 in a Toyota Corolla in the courtyard of a house on Chistyakov Street in Novosibirsk hit a woman born in 1984 standing on the roadway; she was hospitalized with a broken leg. The child in the stroller was not injured. Investigators of the regional SUSK opened a criminal case against the man for attempted murder of a woman with a child out of hooliganism.

The Novosibirsk court on Thursday denied the IC investigators the arrest of the driver. The man was released from custody in the courtroom. The court explained that the suspect is a citizen of the Russian Federation, has a registration and a permanent place of residence, where he has lived for a long period of time, is married. There was no evidence to the court that he had previously been in hiding.

“Alexander Bastrykin instructed his subordinates to petition a higher prosecutor to appeal the decision of the Kirovsky District Court, which today refused to arrest a man who hit a woman with a sidecar in a car,” the message says.

A video of the incident was previously published in one of the popular VKontakte social networks. In the footage, a woman with a stroller, passing by a car parked on the sidewalk, opens her door and says something to the driver. He turns the car and hits the woman. In the commentary to the video, it was reported that the woman reprimanded the driver for parking in the wrong place.

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