Benefits for payment of housing and communal services offered to be expanded

MOSCOW, February 19 – RIA Novosti. The Public Chamber of Russia and NP “ZhKKH-Kontrol” in a letter to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin asked to increase the number of Russians receiving assistance to pay for housing and communal services. Izvestia got acquainted with the document.

According to the head of the OP commission for housing and communal services, construction and roads and the executive director of ZhKKh-Kontrol, Svetlana Razorotneva, a significant amount of funds is returned to the treasury annually, which are allocated to help Russians to pay utility bills. The reason lies in the complexity of the accrual conditions.

So, she cited as an example people with debts for housing and communal services – they have no right to receive help. This creates a vicious circle.

“A citizen cannot receive a subsidy, because he has debts. And they continue to accumulate, because there is no subsidy,” she explained, stressing that assistance is stopped if a person does not pay for housing and communal services for two months.

In addition, the letter proposes to change the approach to assessing family income, which determines the right to subsidies. Now, as Razvorotneva recalled, the indicator for the last six months is taken into account, but public figures are proposing to reduce this period to two. Now about 5.4 percent of families receive help, and if the proposals put forward by public figures are accepted, their number will double.

As Pavel Sklyanchuk, an expert from the ONF thematic platform “Housing and Urban Environment,” explained, the debt speaks of the difficult financial situation of the family – it is wrong to deprive it of state support.

Earlier, Boris Bokarev, head of the project direction of the EnergyNet Infrastructure Center of the National Technology Initiative (NTI), said that the growth of Russians' debt on the electricity market last year was associated with a drop in real incomes. So, according to the “Center for Financial Settlements”, the debts of Russians in the retail electricity market in 2020 increased by 12 billion rubles.

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