An expert explained how the snowfall made life difficult for animals in Moscow forests

MOSCOW, February 19 – RIA Novosti. It has become more difficult for birds and some other animals to find food in the forests of Moscow because of the high snow cover, Sergei Burmistrov, head of the biodiversity conservation department of the Moscow department of nature management and environmental protection, told RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the leading employee of the Phobos weather center, Evgeny Tishkovets, told RIA Novosti that snowfall will come to Moscow again on holidays, the snowdrifts in the city will grow to 60-65 centimeters, which is twice the norm, and in the Moscow region – in some places up to 70-80 centimeters. news

“The snow cover not only deprived the birds and animals of food, but greatly complicated the food in the forests. It is even easier for birds in this situation, because wild apples, seeds, cones hang on the trees, and it’s easier for them to fly. for birds that feed on seeds of wild shrubs and grasses under a thick layer of snow. It is more difficult for large animals to find food. It is simply difficult for roe deer to walk on such an ice crust, they usually stand for a very long time, it is difficult for them to get to food. And if the snow is above the belt, – they get very tired, they become easy prey. It's hard for the foxes to reach the mice that run under the snow, so the foxes went to the people, where they can run along the road, along the cleared paths, where there is food “, – said Burmistrov …

According to him, since it is February, the third winter month, the food supply in the forests has decreased, everything that is possible has been eaten, and right now, more than ever, fertilizing is needed. “Not just millet and bread, but for someone lard, for someone unroasted seeds, you can buy specialized mixtures for birds. People could pay attention to this. Besides, the frost, energy consumption of birds grows, they need more feed, feed should be high-calorie “, – said Burmistrov. Moscow Today: a metropolis for life

According to the expert, now it is difficult for everyone in the forests, but Muscovites are advised to feed only birds. The specialists of the department feed the hoofed animals, and the foxes “will figure it out themselves.” “And if you started feeding, do not stop doing it until spring, until the snow cover disappears,” the agency's interlocutor concluded.

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