“A communist must have the qualities of a bull.” So said Comrade Xi

Members of the Chinese Communist Party (91 million people), but especially the leading cadres of such, must learn three traits of a bullish character – consistency, perseverance and reliability.

Here is an excerpt from the greeting with which Head of State Xi Jinping addressed the participants in two party events before the start of the nation's main holiday. He also noted that, in general, not only a communist, but any Chinese will need the listed qualities in the new, wonderful year that has come.

This week, Wednesday, China took stock of its long New Year celebration, after which hundreds of millions of people will return to their normal lives in the Year of the Ox. And if we are trying to sum up the economic and other results of the year by the end of December, then for China this is happening rather now. The results are remarkable in every respect.

Stopping work for a week or two, overeating excessively, paying all debts are all New Year's customs. But above all, for many centuries this holiday has been a season of demonstrating respect for the older generation. I don’t know why in Russia exactly on these dates there was a demonstration of the subtle screeching of a “Berlin patient” who was already insulting a veteran of the Great Patriotic War in the courtroom (and the patient was tried just for such insults), but any superstitious Chinese would say here that such a person blew up every chance for good luck in the coming year. However, we already see it.

Respect for the older generation does not imply unconditional obedience to such, but obliges to appear before this generation (parents first of all) personally, with gifts and money. And so every Chinese New Year is a traditional global transportation nightmare. Global because the elders are visited even if they live, for example, in America, and you yourself are a Chinese from, for example, Indonesia. The number of person-trips usually approaches a billion, that is, almost every Chinese person these days rushes somewhere at least once.

The current Year of the Bull brought, for obvious reasons, an innovation: an initiative appeared in the Chinese community in the country and in the world, even a fashion, “this time we will not come.” Note that we are talking about a recommendatory, that is, a really recommendatory idea, and hundreds of millions were still loaded onto trains and planes. The sane authorities in Beijing could not even think of interfering in family affairs on such days. But the difference is noticeable this year. Moreover, it is noticeable in the most obvious way. Russia-China: The main

The fact is that this time there was an innovation – “we will not come, but we will send gifts.” At least one documentary film has been made on this topic and with this name in the country, and you can even watch it in fragments.

As a result, it turned out that only in the first two days of the holidays and in China alone, 130 million parcels were delivered, which is 223 percent more than a year ago. But if you count from the beginning of the year (and some began to prepare for the holiday in advance), then ten billion of such gifts have already run up, and the count is not over. In total, 95.5 billion postal items are expected to be delivered in 2021.

Making good money out of everything, even troubles, (and adding this to GDP) is at least such a Chinese bullish quality as consistency. Although it is possible that there is also tenacity, and even reliability. But the money this holiday season also came from going to the movies, moreover, live, and not on the Internet. Which is logical: if you are not rushing across the country or the globe to your parents, then you can at least go to the movies. From the beginning of the year to the last day of the holidays, cinemas have raised a lump sum of ten billion yuan ($ 1.55 billion), nearly double what they had a year ago. As patriotic commentators point out, the public favored local films, which sharply raised the share price of Chinese film companies. True, foreign cinema was in no hurry to please the world with premieres.

And the last thing. Statistics cautiously informs: on New Year's days, at least in big cities, there are zero cases of coronavirus infection (in smaller cities, perhaps there was something). Meanwhile, as of the beginning of the month alone, 31.23 million vaccinations were made, amid grim comments from Asian media that “China's vaccination campaign is stalling”: even higher numbers were expected.

Conclusions from this situation can and should be made globally: somewhere in Switzerland or Germany, Klaus Schwab is sitting and sad now, who hit the whole world with his book “COVID-19: The Great Reset” last year. As a reminder, in the spring he opened his heart on the following topic: the invasion of the virus must be used to completely remake the entire world system. To do this, it is necessary to keep people in quarantines as long as possible, not to remove any restrictions, this is the only way to break everything in general and start building anew.

If someone thinks that Schwab has gone crazy and all this is a conspiracy theory: here is the publication, since we are talking about the Germans, from Welt am Sonntag, which tells how in March last year the German Ministry of Internal Affairs ordered data from doctors from various research institutes, which would justify – literally – “measures of a preventive and repressive nature”, those same lockdowns. “Science on call” (with reduced social responsibility) has saluted, giving out its garbage justifications for four days … Among them is the following assessment: if everyone does not sit locked up and walk around in masks, at least a million will die. We see the final result.

But this result consists in the fact that not the whole world, but precisely Germany and a couple of dozen other European and other societies are still sitting under lock and key, unsuccessfully trying to cope with the protests of the desperate. And such a huge economy like China, in some fantastic zigzag has passed between the necessary and the repressive and is now setting new records. Is this the rebooted world that Schwab longed for, or is it some kind of unplanned world?

Based on the results of this story, one more good quality can be added to the bull: the ability not to walk in the herd, but to choose his own path.

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