Unemployment in Russia fell to 5.8 percent in January

MOSCOW, 18 Feb – RIA Novosti. Unemployment in Russia in January 2021 fell to 5.8% after 5.9% in December last year, according to Rosstat data.

Thus, the overall unemployment rate has almost returned to the level of April 2020, which was the beginning of the rise in unemployment in the country (in April last year, 4.286 million people were classified as unemployed).

It was in April 2020 that there was a sharp rise in unemployment, when the rate rose to 5.8% from 4.7% in March. In May, the growth continued and the unemployment rate was 6.1%, in June it rose to 6.2%, in July – to 6.3%. The peak was recorded in August, when unemployment increased to 6.4%. In the fall, a decline began – in September and October the unemployment rate was 6.3%, in November – 6.1%.

“In January 2021, according to the preliminary results of a sample labor force survey, 4.3 million people aged 15 years and older, or 5.8% of the labor force, were classified as unemployed (in accordance with the methodology of the International Labor Organization),” – said in operational report of Rosstat.

In January 2021, 2.5 million people were registered as unemployed with the employment services, according to preliminary data from Rostrud, including 1.1 million received unemployment benefits.

The total number of unemployed in January fell to 4.317 million from 4.433 million in December 2020 (a decrease of 116 thousand, or 2.6% compared to the previous month; at the same time, by January 2020 – an increase of 24%). At the same time, the number of officially registered unemployed for the month decreased by 244 thousand people, or 8.8%, and compared to January last year – increased 3.6 times (from 700 thousand people in January 2020).

According to Rosstat, the number of the labor force aged 15 and over, according to preliminary results of a sample labor force survey, in January 2020 amounted to 75 million people, or 51% of the total population of the country.

Rosstat, when studying employment and unemployment, uses the ILO methodology, according to which the unemployed are those who, at the time of the study, simultaneously needed a job, were looking for it and were ready to start it.

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