The infectious disease specialist named the likely dose of the vaccine for the COVID-19 patients

TEL-AVIV, 18 Feb – RIA Novosti. One dose of the vaccine may be enough for those who have had a coronavirus infection, but more data is required, at the moment it is not recommended to be vaccinated within three months after the illness, the head of the therapeutic department of the Israeli hospital Shamir Asaf A Rofe, infectious disease doctor Galina Goltsman told RIA Novosti.

American experts in a study published on the Medrxiv website wondered whether COVID-19 patients should receive only one or two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna coronavirus vaccine. The researchers found that after the first dose, the number of antibodies in previously ill COVID-19 is equal to or higher than their number in persons without immunity after the second dose. Based on these data, the vaccination policy for those who had previously been ill could be changed – the introduction of one dose to them would save patients from unnecessary pain, as well as “free” doses of vaccines. “Yes, this can be from the point of view of the laws of immunology. In practice, this gives what they say to those who have been ill that they do not need a vaccine. Recently, on January 18, a new work was published in Nature, which showed that for more than three months, those who have recovered have antibodies, “the expert commented on the results of the study.

According to her, “the immune system works like this: if the body remembers the infection and a person gets sick, memory turns on and begins to vigorously produce antibodies.”

“It is possible that the vaccine, which will become a booster, will cause the body, which remembers this infection, to produce much more antibodies. According to the laws of science, this sounds logical. It practically does not give us anything, since we do not know how long the high antibody content will last. Maybe it will subside in two weeks and will be like everyone else. For today – not inject anything for up to three months, and after that – more data will accumulate and we will look, “Goltsman said.

The expert noted that recent studies show that 80% of those who recovered had antibodies gone six months after the disease.

“On the other hand, we do not yet know whether a person still continues to be protected. Maybe we do not see antibodies, but the body remembers this infection and when it encounters it, antibodies will begin to be produced in such quantities that they will kill her in the bud,” she added.

The doctor also spoke about observations from her own practice. “In our clinic, there were cases when people received the vaccine, after the second vaccination, we checked the antibodies, and all of them have antibodies in titer of approximately 100 to 300, and some have thousands. We believe that this is due to the fact that most likely, they were asymptomatic, “she concluded. The spread of the coronavirus

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