The expert told why Chinese smartphones need a black sensor

MOSCOW, 18 Feb – RIA Novosti. Smartphones made in China have a black sensor, which is missing on modern Apple and Samsung smartphones. It is an IR sensor, or infrared sensor. Such sensors are on the control panels of household appliances, Roman Shamin, director of the Physics and Technology Institute of RTU MIREA, told the Prime agency.

According to him, the advantage of the technology for communicating devices via IR is the ability to quickly connect devices directly without using systems for mutual registration of devices that occurs when using Bluetooth.

On the other hand, such a connection is not always secure from a data privacy point of view, since the simpler the connection, the more likely it is unauthorized access.

The presence of an IR sensor allows you to use your smartphone as a TV remote control, lighting in the room. But this technology is unlikely to be the future. “In the near future, we will increasingly come across the Internet of things, which should constitute a” smart home “. Accordingly, the control of such a house will be already using the global Internet, for which infrared ports will not be needed,” Shamin summarizes.

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