The expert spoke about the differences between Russian vaccines

MOSCOW, 18 Feb – RIA Novosti. Senator, doctor Sergei Leonov characterized the Russian vaccines – EpiVacCorona, KoviVac and Sputnik V – and noted the main differences between them. and will have fewer side effects, “the legislator said during a briefing at the Rossiya Segodnya news agency. The spread of the coronavirus

According to him, in terms of activity, Sputnik V is an average version, the reaction to it is quite active, including an increase in temperature. “The most vigorous vaccine is the development of the Chumakov Center – KoviVak. It carries a large number of antigens, the reaction the body will be more pronounced on it, and as a result, a more stable immunity will be developed, “Leonov said.

According to him, “KoviVak” is more suitable for young and middle-aged people with a good, strong body, “EpiVacCorona” in terms of the degree of impact on the body will suit older citizens, and “Sputnik V” – according to indications.

In turn, senator and surgeon Yuri Arkharov said that work on vaccines against coronavirus continues, more than 20 types of vaccines are being developed, and their preclinical study is underway.

Answering the question whether it is necessary to vaccinate those who have already had coronavirus, Arkharov noted that “it is possible, according to the doctor's indications, if the amount of antibodies drops to the so-called” gray zone “.

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