Russians were warned of the threat of rising prices for non-food products

MOSCOW, 18 Feb – RIA Novosti. The Association of Retail Trade Companies informed the Ministry of Industry and Trade about a possible rise in prices for non-food products, the Izvestia newspaper reported, citing a letter from AKORT.

The association explained that from November to January 2021, the cost of container transportation by sea and rail from China and the countries of Southeast Asia has significantly increased.

Thus, first of all, household appliances and electronics will rise in price. Their prices may rise by 10-20%. The cost of other goods may rise by 5-7%. “Trade reacts flexibly to such situations and is constantly looking for optimal suppliers in order to adequately respond to buyers' inquiries. Information letter from the executive director of ACORT has been received,” the Ministry of Industry and Trade told the publication.

The head of the Association of Retail Market Experts Andrei Karpov noted a temporary increase in the cost of logistics and predicted the stabilization of the situation within six months.

Earlier, Nikolay Petrov, the head of the digital equipment purchasing department at Citylink, announced the rise in prices for electronics in Russia this year. The main reason for this was the shortage of basic components for electronics, video cards, screens, memory.

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