Pharmacist disclosed the danger of cheap analogues of drugs

MOSCOW, 18 Feb – RIA Novosti. Pharmacist Irina Bulygina in an interview with the TV channel “360” spoke about the dangers of cheap analogues of drugs. “With rare exceptions, any drug has a lot of trade analogues, because we do not have many active molecules, but we have a whole sea of trade names”, – said Bulygina.

However, the specialist explained that one cannot compare a brand with a generic one, since the auxiliary and binders in them may differ.

These substances, according to the pharmacist, are most often developed and tested by the manufacturers themselves. “When a generic is released into circulation, the so-called bioequivalence or truncated clinical trials are done, because it is not so expensive in terms of money and time,” Bulygina explained.

As the pharmacist pointed out, manufacturers simply check that the drug has entered the bloodstream, and then excreted from the body after a while, after which it is considered that the drug is working. But, according to the expert, no one is conducting a therapeutic equivalence to the original drug.

The interlocutor of the TV channel clarified that generics can be taken, for example, for headaches, but for chronic diseases it is recommended to use original medicines. Analogs can lead to side effects, Bulygina concluded.

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