Italian Senate expressed confidence in the new government of Mario Draghi

ROME, 18 Feb – RIA Novosti, Alexander Logunov. The Senate of the Italian Parliament on Thursday night expressed confidence in the new government led by Mario Draghi.

Last week, the former head of the ECB formed a new Council of Ministers based on a broad coalition that includes most of the parliamentary parties.

262 members of the upper house of the Italian parliament voted in support of the new cabinet, 40 parliamentarians voted against, and two abstained.

Thus, according to the results of the vote, Draghi won overwhelming support from the Senate, significantly exceeding the minimum threshold of an absolute majority of 161 votes.

On Thursday, a similar procedure will take place in the Chamber of Deputies.

The Brothers of Italy party remained in opposition, whose comrades-in-arms in the center-right coalition – Liga and Forward, Italy – supported Draghi's government. In addition, several senators from the “5 Star Movement” voted against in defiance of their associates. Their demarche was the result of internal tensions around support for the new coalition. The Movement previously conducted an online poll among its supporters, who approved the participation of a political force in the new government with 59% of the vote.

Speaking in the Senate ahead of the vote, Draghi called on the country for unity and a sense of national responsibility. According to him, the main duty of all political forces and of him as prime minister is “to fight the pandemic by all means and to protect the lives of fellow citizens.”

“Today, unity is not an option, but a debt that directs what unites us all – love for Italy,” the head of government said.

Most of the key posts in the new Council of Ministers have been retained by the ministers who were part of the previous government of Giuseppe Conte. A number of positions were transferred to high-level technical specialists.

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