Android users warned of fake Clubhouse apps

MOSCOW, 18 Feb – RIA Novosti. The growing popularity of the Clubhouse social network provokes fraudsters to create malicious clones of the application for the Android operating system, for which there is no official version of the program, Denis Kuvikov, director of the SafeNet regional engineering center of the National Technology Initiative (NTI), told RIA Novosti.

Clubhouse is a social network based on voice communication without the ability to record and distribute what is happening. It was launched in 2020, while it gained particular popularity in the Russian segment of the Internet almost a year later – in February of this year. The platform is available only to users of the iOS operating system. In addition, to start using the capabilities of the social network, you must receive an invitation from an already registered user. “It is important to note that clones and invitations to the Clubhouse on Android OS are already beginning to appear. This is the first sign of growing interest and the start of intruders' machinations,” Kuvikov said.

He noted that attackers clone popular applications in order to gain remote and unauthorized access to users' devices. “By downloading and running an unofficial application on your smartphone, you can give it full access to the device. You will open your phone book, access to the camera, microphone and geolocation, file system to third parties. An attacker will be able to open any of your social profiles, bank clients, instant messengers.” , – suggested the expert.

Kuvikov advised to assess the risks as much as possible before installing the application so that personal information does not become an easy prey for scammers.

The RIA Novosti correspondent found several applications with the word “clubhouse” in the title in the Play Store application store for the Android system. The icons of these applications differ significantly from the design of the original version. Store users in the comments warn that the proposed programs have nothing to do with the social network of the same name.

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