American director Dick O'Hary, who made films about Russia, dies

ATHENS, 18 Feb – RIA Novosti. In Cyprus, American actor and director of Indian descent Ahab O'Hari, also known as Dick O'Hari, died in a car accident, according to the Cyprus Mail.

O'Hari made films about Russia, the Russian-speaking residents of Cyprus knew him well from the travel series Legend Hunt, the newspaper writes. Dick O'Hary, 58, who lived in the village of Pentalia in Paphos, was also a journalist and film producer.

According to the newspaper, the traffic accident happened on Tuesday afternoon, the driver lost control of the car and drove off the road. The car turned over two or three times. The driver was likely not wearing a seat belt and may have exceeded the speed limit a little, a Paphos police spokesman told the Cyprus Mail.

The actor has starred in several films, including the movie “You Never Get Old” in 2019, and traveled around the world, including Russia, Mongolia, China, Malta. In Russia, he visited, in particular, in Karelia, Dagestan and Siberia.

O'Hary has appeared in various productions and recently appeared in several commercials in Cyprus.

He spoke eight languages, including Spanish, Russian, English and Cherokee, and was friends with famous Hollywood actors and directors, including Steven Seagal.

In an interview with Premiere Magazine in 2018, he was asked how he, an ethnic Indian, ended up in Cyprus.

“For me, the decision about where to live is an ideological matter. When I was a child, I decided that I would never live in a country that oppresses, colonizes, or feels superior to other countries. Therefore, I always chose a decent country with decent people. , and this small island called Cyprus did no harm to anyone. So this is in line with my ideology, “- the edition quotes the words of the actor.

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