Trump responds to Senate Republican leader on riot charges

WASHINGTON, 17 Feb – RIA Novosti. Former US President Donald Trump lashed out at Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

Earlier McConnell said about “political and moral responsibility” for everything done as head of state, in particular for the riots in the Capitol on January 6. “The Republican Party can never be respected and strong with political” leaders “like Senator Mitch McConnell at the head of the party.” , – said in a written statement of the ex-president.

Trump believes that McConnell is committed to the “status quo” policy, that he lacks political intuition, wisdom, skill and personal qualities. That is why, according to the ex-president, the Republicans, following the election results, ceased to be the majority faction in the Senate.

Trump also added that McConnell “pleaded” with him to support his candidacy in the 2020 Kentucky elections. Trump expressed regret that he agreed and helped the senator's re-election.

“How quickly he (McConnell) forgets about everything! <...> He destroys the Republican side in the Senate and thereby seriously harms our country,” Trump said.

He also accused his opponent of not doing anything against the “economic and military threat of China,” since his family has large investments in Chinese assets.

“Mitch is a dark, sullen, not smiling political mercenary, and if the Republican senators stay with him, they will never win again,” Trump predicted.

McConnell, meanwhile, voted against impeachment of Trump last week.

In January, a crowd of Trump supporters broke into the US Congress building and temporarily prevented the approval of the election results, two people were killed. The Senate acquitted the ex-president last week after missing the required two-thirds of the vote to impeach him on charges of incitement to rebellion. At the same time, 7 Republican senators supported this process.

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