The lawyer told when you should not drive someone else's car

MOSCOW, 17 Feb – RIA Novosti. Any driver should be aware that driving someone else's car without the consent of its owner is fraught with criminal liability. But if there is such an agreement, the risk of a fine remains, Anatoly Mironov, head of the branch of the Moscow bar association “Zashchita”, told the Prime agency.

According to him, the consent received from the owner does not exempt from liability, if it is oral, while the owner warned that the driver's civil liability is not insured. In this case, the driver will face a fine of 800 rubles. If there is insurance, but the driver's name is not indicated in the policy, the fine will be 500 rubles.

A fine is inevitable even if everything is in order with the policy, but it is not with you either in paper or in electronic form.

“As a rule, we anxiously follow the insurance for our own cars, but when our loved ones asked us to drive for a while, we sometimes act recklessly, neglect the requirements of the law, which later we can greatly regret,” concluded Mironov.

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