The “Educational Expedition” of the Club of Leaders of Russia “Elbrus” has started in Kursk

MOSCOW, 17 Feb – RIA Novosti. “Educational Expedition” is a new project of the Club of Leaders of Russia “Elbrus”, during which the teams of governors, finalists and winners of the “Leaders of Russia” competition – the flagship project of the presidential platform “Russia – Land of Opportunities” – will be trained in the “Service Design” methodology for joint solving specific problems of the regions, started in Kursk, the press service of the ANO “RSV” reports. “Today the official start of the” Educational Expedition “project in the Kursk region, and in some way we are going on an interesting journey to solve a complex problem that concerns not only of our region, but also of practically all constituent entities of the Russian Federation. I hope that this project will help to build effective interaction between the authorities, the public and the best managers of the country, “the words of the Governor of the Kursk Region Roman Starovoit are quoted in the message at the opening of the project.

“Service Design” is a training program for creating projects based on the analysis of user expectations. With the help of in-depth interviews with the inhabitants of the region, the session participants will be able to model a prototype of a solution to a specific problem: to go from the formation of a need, choice, decision-making to obtaining a result.

“World trends confirm that the development of territories is based on communities, with an invitation to the dialogue of the inhabitants of the region, and to organize this communication, the Service-Design methodology is used. The Club of Leaders of Russia” Elbrus “proposed to the Governor of the Kursk Region a project that was supported and received the name “Educational expedition.” During the expedition, the Leaders of Russia will be able to get acquainted in practice with the principles of work of the civil service, and the management team of the head of the region will have the opportunity to form a personnel asset, “said the head of the direction for work with project winners of ANO RSV, director of the personnel policy department and development of personnel of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, head of the Club of Leaders of Russia “Elbrus” Tatyana Dyakonova.

In the near future, it is planned to launch the pilots of the “Training Expedition” project also in the Lipetsk, Kurgan regions and the Kamchatka Territory. The combined teams of governors and the Elbrus Club will solve a specific problem in each region using the Service Design methodology. As a result of the pilot projects, a “white paper” of solutions will be drawn up, where each subject will be able to describe their experience in solving a specific situation, which can subsequently be used by other regions.

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