Saratov Regional Duma found the participation of deputies in an illegal action a violation

SARATOV, 17 Feb – RIA Novosti, Eduard Demyanets. The Saratov Regional Duma on Wednesday at a meeting recognized the participation of deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Alexander Anidalov and Nikolai Bondarenko in an uncoordinated action on January 31 as a violation of parliamentary ethics.

The chairman of the regional Duma credentials committee Nikolai Bushuev (ER) said at the meeting that on February 10, the commission on the appeal of United Russia deputies Sergei Gladkov and Yulia Litnevskaya assessed Anidalov and Bondarenko's participation in an uncoordinated rally on January 31.

“The materials and videos of the unauthorized rally on January 31, posted on the Internet, also testify to the rude, offensive statements of the deputy Bondarenko to the political party (United Russia), which violates the rules of parliamentary ethics … The decision of the mandate commission recognized the violation by the deputy Anidalov and Bondarenko rules of parliamentary ethics with a recommendation to disseminate messages on these violations in the media, “Bushuev said.

He explained that the participation of Bondarenko and Anidalov in the uncoordinated action “cannot be regarded as the implementation of their deputy activities, since such participation is not provided for by the law of the Saratov region and violates the law.” The deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation did not agree with the decision of the commission and suggested their colleagues to reject the draft resolution, but did not find support.

“The resolution is adopted as a whole,” said the chairman of the regional duma, Alexander Romanov, following the voting.

Bondarenko posted a video on YouTube on February 8 in which a police officer reports that the deputy was taken to the police department to draw up an administrative protocol for participating in an uncoordinated rally on January 31. After drawing up the protocol, Bondarenko left the department and arrived at the Frunzensky District Court, which fined the deputy 20 thousand rubles under part 5 of Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation “Violation of the established procedure for holding a meeting, rally, demonstration, march or picket by a participant in a public event.” Bondarenko appealed against this court decision.

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