Russians urged to dig out cars from snowdrifts

MOSCOW, 17 Feb – RIA Novosti. After snowfalls, cars in the courtyards of residential buildings can literally drown in the snow. Why you shouldn't wait until everything melts by itself, Anton Shaparin, vice president of the National Automobile Union, told Sputnik radio.

According to him, the main danger is that if the car is not cleaned for several days, the snow cover will harden. After that, it will be more difficult to clear the car. And if the owner leaves the car under the snow until warmer times, there is a high risk that the car could damage other cars, Shaparin noted. “If now you can get to the car with a light shovel, then you will have to use a much heavier tool. worth it, because there is a risk that you will postpone it until spring, and during this time your car can be caught by a tractor that will remove snow, or other road users, “the expert explained.

In order to bring the car back into proper shape as quickly as possible, Shaparin recommends that you first clear the place of snow around the perimeter of the car, and then clear the glass from snow and ice. Everything else is best done at the sink.

“Do not beat off the ice yourself from the body, as this is the best way to scratch the car. Instead, go to the car wash and wash the car with warm water, then blow the joints, joints, locks and so on with air and apply silicone grease so that nothing will freeze. gentle, what you can do for the car, “- advised the interlocutor of the radio.

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