Russian woman sued the bank for ten-year mortgage charges

MOSCOW, 17 Feb – RIA Novosti. A resident of Yekaterinburg through the court obtained a refund from the bank for erroneous charges on the loan, writes the local portal E1.

The process reportedly lasted ten years. All this time, according to the woman, she won the courts, but the bank continued to count the interest that did not belong to her.

“When a person has a delay on a loan, a penalty is also charged. And the mistake is that a person pays the amount, the bank takes money from it and puts it in a penalty. <...> A person may not even get to pay off interest,” he explained to the publication one of the lawyers familiar with the situation.

In January, according to the portal, the woman turned to journalists and even threatened to write a letter to the president, since due to a bank error she was charged a debt of 150 thousand rubles. In addition, she demanded that the financial institution pay 48 thousand, which she had to overpay for the loan. Then the bank apologized to the client, but the issue with the refund was settled only now.

“The company <...> recalculated the amount of the borrower's credit debt, and all penalties and fines accrued as of the beginning of 2021 were canceled. The issue of payment of monetary compensation for untimely execution of the court decision has also been fully resolved,” the bank's press service told the portal …

The woman herself has not yet commented on the data on the refund.

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