Russia extradited to Poland accused of kidnapping 17 years ago

MOSCOW, 17 Feb – RIA Novosti. Russia extradited to Poland a person accused of robbery and kidnapping committed 17 years ago, the press service of the RF Prosecutor General's Office reports.

“The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation satisfied the request of the competent authorities of the Republic of Poland for the extradition of Andrei Trifonov to prosecute. He is accused of committing crimes – robbery, kidnapping of a person of the Polish Criminal Code,” the message says.

According to the agency, in October 2004, in Warsaw, Trifonov, by prior conspiracy with other persons, attacked the victim, beat him and stole property worth 32.2 thousand zlotys. In addition, in December 2004, an attacker with accomplices kidnapped a person for ransom, demanding 300,000 zlotys from his relatives. A court in Poland ruled on the time of arrest, and the attacker himself was put on the wanted list.

The Prosecutor General's Office notes that Trifonov's actions are punishable under Russian criminal law, the statute of limitations for prosecution has not expired. In this connection, the Federal Penitentiary Service was instructed to transfer it. Accompanied by a special convoy, Trifonov will be delivered to Poland.

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