RBC: the Ministry of Transport advocated the massive introduction of biometrics at airports

MOSCOW, 17 Feb – RIA Novosti. By the end of 2023, six percent of Russian airports must use biometric data to identify passengers, writes RBC with reference to the digital transformation program of the Ministry of Transport.

The figure could reach 15 percent if the ministry finds funding. As the newspaper notes, by the end of 2019 there were 202 airports in Russia, of which 78 are international and 89 are of federal importance. The passenger traffic of four – up to ten million people a year, and another 31 – up to a million. If by the end of the reporting period the number of airports remains the same, then by the beginning of 2024 the system will be implemented in 12 air harbors, or in 30 – if additional funds are available.

The airport will have to conclude an agreement on information interaction with the operator of the Unified State Information System for Transport Security. According to the newspaper, the cost of equipment is not indicated in the documents, however, 585.2 million rubles are provided for the development of EGIS OTB, another 3.8 billion rubles will be required for the “development scenario”. In total, they plan to spend 8.7 billion rubles on the program. Additional funding was estimated at 12.7 billion rubles.

The Ministry of Transport noted the publication that plans for the implementation of the digital transformation program may change depending on the final version. RBC's source in the biometrics market explained that negotiations are now underway to introduce the system at five airports outside the capital region, with two of them joining the system in the near future. The preference was given to the contactless method of identifying passengers due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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