RBC: potatoes and carrots have risen in price in Russia

MOSCOW, 17 Feb – RIA Novosti. The price for one kilogram of potatoes in the first five weeks of this year increased by 40 percent compared to the same period last year. This is reported by RBC with reference to Rosstat data.

Now the price per kilogram is 30.9 rubles against 22.2 rubles in 2020.

The price of carrots has risen by 34 percent – now it costs 37 rubles per kilogram, last year its price was 27.5 rubles. Tomatoes also grew in price by 20 percent – the price per kilogram rose to 173.6 rubles. Cucumbers rose in price by 16 percent. The cost of one kilogram is 175.4 rubles. Onions have also grown in price – by ten percent to 27.8 rubles. The price of a kilogram of cabbage remains the same – 21.4 rubles.

As the newspaper emphasized, cucumbers and tomatoes are not included in the list of socially important essential food products.

It is noted that the cost of potatoes was affected by a decrease in its production due to bad weather conditions. The seasonal increase in prices is also due to the arrival of young potatoes from Egypt and the Mediterranean countries – its price is higher than the Russian one.

Director of the Fruit and Vegetable Union Mikhail Glushkov added that weather conditions influenced the size of the potatoes: it turned out to be smaller. As Tatyana Gubina, the head of the Potato Union administration, explained, they buy potatoes of a certain size from producers, and because of competition, the price for them is growing. Glushkov explained the increase in the cost of carrots by the fact that they planted less carrots last year due to overproduction in 2019.

Earlier, Izvestia, citing data from the Ministry of Agriculture, listed the most expensive products in January: cucumbers, potatoes and pasta were included in the list. Infographics

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