Orlov: the Federation Council discussed not only regional issues, but also the Far East

BLAGOVESCHENSK, 17 Feb – RIA Novosti. The Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov said that the delegation of the Amur Region had brought up for discussion in the Federation Council issues related not only to the region, but also to other Far Eastern subjects: mechanisms to support investment projects and gasification.

Days of the Amur Region are held in the Federation Council on February 15-17. “We have brought issues to the committees of the Federation Council that relate not only to our region, but also to the Far Eastern regions to develop methodological approaches. One of the topics is new rules and mechanisms to support new investment projects. the issue of gasification of territories – these measures are very costly. Now there are no uniform rules for all regions, each region independently determines a regional operator, seeks funding. Given the lack of experience of regions, companies with the appropriate qualifications, in general, gasification within the subjects is proceeding at an extremely slow pace. In turn, it creates social tension, forms a negative attitude towards the implementation of large-scale projects of the international level. In this matter, we need federal support, “said Orlov, quoted by the government of the Amur Region.

The Federation Council hosted a meeting of the Committee on Economic Policy, which considered investment capital and infrastructure development of the Amur Region. Orlov noted that new opportunities for investors are opening up in the region, agriculture and new high-tech sectors of the economy are developing, the Amur Region ranks third in terms of the rate of economic development among Russian regions, the region for the second year in a row is among the top ten regions in terms of attracting investment. In 2020, the estimated investment volume was 322 billion rubles. The spread of coronavirus

The proximity of the border with the PRC allows the region to implement international projects, one of them is the construction of an international road bridge across the Amur River Blagoveshchensk-Heihe. “This year we plan to open the movement of goods. No less ambitious project is the world's first cross-border cable car connecting the two countries. The implementation of this project made it possible to attract additional investment in the tourism infrastructure, “the Orlov government is quoted as saying.

The head of the Amur Region raised the issue of financing road construction in the region in the Federation Council, he drew attention to the fact that regional roads of the Amur Region are not funded from the federal budget. Instrumental diagnostics of roads, carried out in 2019 on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, showed that only 33.2% of them meet safety requirements. “This indicator has been adopted by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and will be secured by a federal project. Despite this, funding in 2021 in the federal budget is not envisaged.For the implementation of presidential decree No. 204 in terms of increasing the share of regional roads that meet regulatory requirements to 50%, by 2024 the Amur Region must be brought to the standard of 880 km. This requires an additional 12 billion rubles (3 billion rubles annually) “, – explained Orlov.

As a result, it was proposed to consider the issue of making changes to the federal project “Road Network”, providing for an increase in funding for the Amur Region. The senators also suggested that the Russian government accelerate amendments to the federal law “On Gas Supply in the Russian Federation” in terms of empowering the owner of the Unified Gas Supply System with the functions of a federal gasification operator and financing gasification measures at the expense of Gazprom. Another proposal concerns investments – the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation were offered to correct the concept of “creating a separate legal entity for the implementation of investment projects”, the senators proposed to make the Amur Region a pilot region where this innovation will be applied.

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