In Russia, they allowed the allocation of additional funds for preferential car loans

MOSCOW, 17 Feb – RIA Novosti. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation is working on the issue of allocating additional funds for programs of preferential car loans, said the head of the ministry Denis Manturov, whose words were conveyed to RIA Novosti by a representative of the department.

Since Monday, most credit institutions have stopped issuing car loans under the preferential state programs “First Car” and “Family Car” due to the exhaustion of the current limit of funds, RIA Novosti told RIA Novosti in the Association of Auto Dealers (RoAD) and market players confirmed.

“To increase budgetary efficiency in 2021, credit institutions that have passed a competitive selection are participating in the program of preferential car loans, within which each organization undertakes to sell a certain number of cars. According to the results of the competition, credit institutions that have shown the highest efficiency indicator are allocated a certain amount subsidies, which she can later spend “, – the head of the department Denis Manturov conveyed through the press service.

The Minister noted that the intensity of spending, as well as the start and end dates for the implementation of the program of preferential car loans, credit organizations have the right to set themselves, the main thing is to achieve the declared indicators.

“Almost 8.9 billion rubles have already been allocated for the implementation of the program of preferential car loans this year. Taking into account the effectiveness and popularity of the program among our citizens, the issue of allocating additional funding for the program is currently being considered,” he added.

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